All-on-Four implants: Setting a new standard in the replacement of many or all teeth with dentures.

As true partners in total family dental care, our team in Madison, Wisconsin, helps individuals and their families protect their teeth from disease and other conditions that can lead to tooth loss. However, suppose we cannot preserve teeth with procedures like root canal therapy. In that case, McKinney Dental also works with our valued patients to provide comfortable, economical, convenient, and long-lasting tooth replacement. 

Implants: Setting a new standard in dentistry

One dental implant may be used to support a single, missing, or failing tooth. Or, as few as four implants may retain an upper or lower denture (as an “All-on-Four” system). Unlike earlier-generation bridges and dentures to replace teeth, implants are designed like natural teeth. Each implant actually replaces the tooth root. Conventional bridges and dentures only account for the crown and, as needed, the gum tissue. These modern, implant-retained options account for the visible parts of the tooth as well as a vital component of the tooth that is typically not seen, the roots that are responsible for holding teeth in place. 

Implants are inserted into the jawbone through an in-office surgical procedure. After the implant is positioned in the jaw, we generally wait for it to join naturally and safely to the surrounding bone. This process is made possible because implants are made from biocompatible materials (like titanium) that are designed to integrate with the surrounding natural tissues. Once the implant is effectively part of the jaw, it can provide a stable base for the prosthetic tooth. 

A denture may be appropriate for patients who are missing all or most of the teeth in their upper or lower jaws. Dentists like Dr. Dan McKinney may apply a minimal number of dental implants to support or retain a maximum number of prosthetic teeth (as part of an upper or lower denture) due to how each implant is strategically positioned in the bone. These implants are applied at an angle or in such a way as to maximize the available bone. This revolutionary All-on-Four approach further minimizes the following:

  • The total cost associated with implants treatment, because the implant itself is the most expensive part of the process
  • The total time in the treatment chair 
  • Trauma and demands on the body for healing and recovery by limiting the number of implants or treatment sites in the mouth 

Additionally, All-on-Four systems may be appropriate for patients with bone loss who otherwise would not be candidates for implants or require grafting surgery to build up bony tissue in the jaw. We encourage you to contact us with questions and to learn more about your tooth replacement options, including “graftless” implants. Call (608) 249-6511 to schedule your appointment at McKinney Dental in Madison, WI, today.