Restore your beautiful and balanced smile in one visit with dental bonding.

Bonding is a brilliant way to make over the appearance of your smile. All it takes is one poorly-shaped or undersized tooth to detract from the beautiful proportions and balance of your smile. We can restore that balance with the bonding process. Bonding can also be completed quickly (in one visit!) and affordably at the office of McKinney Dental in Madison, Wisconsin.

Bond with this cosmetic dentistry procedure!

“Bonding” refers to preparing and applying a prepared dental material to cover up cosmetic imperfections in the teeth. While tooth enamel is incredibly strong, it can become chipped, cracked, worn, or noticeably damaged with time and due to oral conditions such as bruxism (teeth grinding). Dr. Dan McKinney can restore your teeth’s youthful, healthy, and vibrant appearance using materials such as composite resin. This material is precisely “prepared.” So, the color blends in well with the rest of the tooth. 

Dr. McKinney then takes the resin, in its pliable or putty-like form, and places it on the chipped, stubbornly stained, cracked, unevenly shaped, and otherwise cosmetically imperfect tooth. Dr. McKinney uses his skill to shape the composite until it looks great – like a natural tooth – and properly covers up the cosmetic concern. 

This procedure may also be recommended to disguise modest gaps between teeth, address other spacing issues, and add length to a worn-down tooth. With the resin “bonded” or fixed securely to the tooth, your past cosmetic concerns effectively disappear! Many of our patients have enjoyed the benefits of this transformative cosmetic dentistry treatment, which are not limited to: 

  • Conservative – Bonding is “minimal-prep.” We do not remove any tooth structure to accommodate the material. 
  • Gentle – Since the enamel remains untouched, tooth sensitivity and discomfort risks are avoided. We only require slight etching and conditioning of the tooth to ensure the strongest bond between the natural tissue and the composite material.
  • Reversible – Some patients may even work their way up from bonding to veneers. Because we do not remove enamel, the results from the procedure are not permanent. 
  • Fast – We can complete all steps in the process during one convenient visit. 
  • Economical – Bonding is more affordable than treatment with veneers. 

We are happy to discuss your options during a consultation at our office in Madison, WI. Veneers may be a more attractive option because they optimally “mimic” the appearance of natural tooth enamel. They are also considered to be stain-resistant and durable. So, you may get more bang for your buck over the longer term. 

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