We give your damaged tooth a fresh start with durable and cosmetic dental crowns

The crown is the white part of your tooth visible above the gum line when you smile. The crown is covered by enamel, which protects the softer dentin layer of the tooth and its nervy center (pulp). While enamel is the hardest part of the body — stronger than skeletal bone, even — it is not indestructible. It may be damaged by excessive wear, traumatic injury, and conditions like tooth decay. 

The good news is our talented and kind team at McKinney Dental in Madison, Wisconsin, can rebuild a damaged crown. When combined with treatments such as root canal therapy, our cosmetic crowns may even be used to preserve a severely decayed or infected tooth. In turn, we avoid the loss or extraction of the natural tooth. 

Our team, led by Dr. Dan McKinney, understands that you deserve to have a “rebuilt” tooth that looks, feels, and functions like the “real thing,” the natural tooth before it was damaged. 

When a crown is in your future …

Crowns (or caps) are prepared dental materials. These materials include metals and non-metals, such as resin, porcelain, and gold. Once our lab has made the crown, it is placed on top of and secured to the remaining tooth structure. The natural tooth must be reshaped before applying and cementing the crown. All damaged tissue is removed. So, we can give your treated tooth a second chance. In general, crowns are quite versatile and may be recommended to:

  • Strengthen a weak tooth 
  • Hold together a broken tooth
  • Preserve a badly decayed or infected tooth 
  • Recontour a severely misshapen tooth (or for other major cosmetic cases)
  • Treat a tooth with a large cavity; fillings may be insufficient to restore larger areas of decay
  • Replace teeth as part of a dental bridge or implant-supported crown, bridge, or denture 

The process can be completed in a few office visits. During the first appointment, we prepare both the tooth and the crown. A temporary crown is generally applied to protect the prepared tooth, while the lab makes the permanent crown. After the permanent is completed, you return to McKinney Dental. Dr. McKinney will remove the temporary and ensure the crown fits well and looks great before securing it to the tooth. With the usual good hygiene and routine professional care, no further treatment is typically necessary. 

To find out more, schedule an appointment at our office in Madison, WI. Call our friendly team at (608) 249-6511 today.