Revamp one tooth or make over your entire smile with quality cosmetic dentistry services.

An attractive smile speaks volumes. It tells the world that you are healthy and vibrant. It is also a valuable asset that enriches your life, your self-confidence, and your well-being. Like many people, however, you may not be satisfied with how your smile looks and what it conveys to others. Fortunately, McKinney Dental offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry services. 

Dr. Dan McKinney may re-sculpt a single, poorly-shaped tooth with bonding or veneers or provide a dramatic boost in just one appointment with in-office teeth whitening treatment. We can even combine the services available at our office in Madison, Wisconsin, to “makeover” the entire smile. 

These services include: 

  • Dental bonding to cover imperfections such as chips, small gaps between teeth, stubborn stains, and tooth discoloration – Materials like composite resin are color-matched to blend in with the surrounding tooth structure and neighboring teeth. The resin is applied to the front surfaces of the teeth. 

Once Dr. McKinney has shaped it to cover the cosmetic flaw, the composite is secured or “bonded” to the tooth. In his skilled hands, the bonding process may also be used to reshape an irregularly-contoured tooth or add length to an otherwise worn or small tooth. Bonding is an economical and fast procedure; it can be completed in one visit, and the results should hold up well with proper and consistent care at home and in our office. 

  • Opalescence™ teeth whitening system to safely, effectively, and quickly transform stained and otherwise discolored teeth – Professionals like Dr. McKinney may offer home whitening and office or “chairside” power whitening. The Opalescence™ system by Ultradent presents a low-risk and powerful way to enjoy a several-shades-lighter smile after just one appointment. 

Dr. McKinney ensures your safety and comfort by protecting the gums and surrounding tissues from potential irritation or damage. With this protective barrier in place, he precisely applies the concentrated whitening gel to the teeth. Dental professionals have access to gels formulated with scientifically proven ingredients to remove stains safely. These products are also sufficiently concentrated to make a noticeable and often dramatic difference in the color of your teeth. 

  • Dental veneers are an alternative to dental bonding to disguise chipped, gapped, poorly-sized, irregularly-shaped, stubbornly-stained, and cracked teeth. They are typically made from dental ceramics, like porcelain. Veneers may be completed in two appointments. 

During the first visit, the tooth is “prepared,” or a small amount of enamel is removed. Information is also collected, which is used to guide the fabrication of the veneer. Once our lab has created the permanent veneers, you can return to our office so Dr. McKinney can then secure the veneers to your teeth. Veneers are popular because they resist stains well, mimic the appearance of natural enamel, and are durable and long-lasting. Additionally, McKinney Dental provides many types of restorations that are also highly cosmetic and look like natural teeth! These restorative options include tooth-colored dental fillings, cosmetic dental crowns, and tooth replacement with bridges, dentures, and implants. Call (608) 249-6511 to schedule your smile consultation at our Madison, WI office today.