There have never been more (or better) options to replace your missing, failing teeth!

Dentures have existed in some form or other for centuries. Over time, they have evolved and are now made from various durable, natural-looking, high-performance materials. Plus, with the knowledge and technologies available at McKinney Dental in Madison, Wisconsin, we support the precise design and fabrication of your new teeth. These capabilities are essential; the satisfaction you derive from partial or full dentures depends on how well they fit. 

No stone is left unturned at our office. We work with you to ensure your dentures fit like a glove from the get-go. As true oral health partners, we also aid in an efficient and healthy transition to wearing and using your new dentures. Precision-fit dentures are stable. They do not slip around in the mouth. You can eat naturally and without pain. These appliances also promote clear and proper speech and can have a transformative positive effect on your life by supporting utmost health, well-being, and self-confidence.

Close-up shot of the denture.

Options for the happiest, healthiest “you.”

Dr. Dan McKinney will not know the best recommendations for you until a full evaluation and consultation is completed. Generally, the type of denture that is best for your situation depends on factors such as need, notably, the number of healthy teeth that are present in your mouth. There have never been more options to choose from to replace many teeth or a mouthful of missing or failing teeth. These include: 

  • Full or complete dentures — When you think of ways to replace all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw(s), this is likely the first thing that comes to mind. This removable denture is made from a flesh-colored acrylic base (to “mimic” the features of the natural gum tissue) and plastic or ceramic false teeth. These dentures depend on natural suction in the mouth to aid in their “staying put.” So, you can see how having the right fit is critical to the stability and satisfaction that individuals get from these dentures. 

We work with our patients to ensure their utmost happiness with their new teeth. We can advise on everything from products to help with the adjustment to ongoing services that ensure your dentures evolve with your changing mouth. For instance, relining or rebasing helps to ensure the denture continues to fit well and helps to delay the need for a replacement denture.

  • Partial dentures or “partials” – This appliance is based on the same basic principle as its full or complete denture counterpart. However, it is appropriate for individuals who still have healthy natural teeth. The artificial or plastic teeth are connected to and sit on top of a metal base. This metal framework is covered by a color-matched plastic to replicate the appearance of the oral tissues inside of the mouth. 

The partial connects to some of the remaining neighboring teeth with special attachments. Additionally, to ensure the denture is appropriately supported or anchored, crowns may be placed on the teeth that are connected to the appliance. As with full dentures, we can advise on ways to care for your partials and to keep them in top shape for life. 

Implant-supported or implant-retained dentures may be appealing, too. These systems do not rely on natural suction in the mouth or products like denture adhesive for their support. Instead, the denture is held in place by implants that function as tooth roots. Once placed and secured in the jawbone, these implants stabilize or “root” the denture in the jaw.

We look forward to discussing options to restore your healthy and beautiful smile. Call McKinney Dental at (608) 249-6511 to schedule your appointment with Dr. McKinney at our Madison, WI, office today.