We put the brakes on cavities and tooth decay with safe and powerful fluoride therapy

At McKinney Dental, the best treatment is no treatment at all! We work with individuals and families in and around Madison, Wisconsin, to prevent problems such as tooth decay. Along with gum disease, dental decay is the leading cause of tooth loss. With our combination of routine recare and professional preventative services, like fluoride treatments, you can keep your healthy, stunning smile intact for life.

The cavity-fighter

There are many sources of fluoride. This naturally-occurring mineral can be found in our water. Some foods are also fortified with fluoride. Of course, our dentist, Dr. Dan McKinney, can also recommend fluoride toothpaste as a staple of your home oral care routine. However, as a provider of professional dental services, we have access to other products and treatments to keep or restore teeth that have been weakened by enamel erosion. These products include supplemental fluoride. Such fluoride therapy at the dentist’s office may be applied as a varnish, rinse, foam, gel, or through other means.

The value of professional care

The fluoride products available at the dentist’s office are generally higher strength. When in the highly capable hands of Dr. Dan, fluoride treatment is a very safe, predictable, quick, gentle, non-invasive, and affordable way to get ahead of cavities and dental decay or to quickly resolve early problems before they become bigger ones. Generally, more extensive decay or damage requires more aggressive, time-consuming, and costly restorative dentistry treatment.

Professional fluoride therapy may also be easily integrated into the 6-month dental check-up. For instance, as a varnish, we can simply paint the concentrated fluoride directly on the teeth. The fluoride sets immediately as the product comes in contact with saliva. The longer the varnish is in contact with the teeth, the more effective it may be. With that being said, Dr. Dan accounts for many different factors when selecting the type and concentration of topical fluoride, as well as the length of time for treatment (when the fluoride is actively in contact with tooth enamel).

He will also advise on what to do following treatment. In general, it is advised to refrain for a bit from eating or drinking to ensure optimal effectiveness of the fluoride. This powerful mineral can then go to work to remineralize the teeth – staving off or stopping the erosion process and putting the brakes on symptoms such as tooth sensitivity.

Many pediatric patients like that these varnishes can come in fun and tasty flavors like bubblegum and cookie dough. Many parents appreciate that, as a preventive service, fluoride maybe 100% covered by their dental insurance plan. If you don’t have insurance, ask about our in-house membership savings plans when you reach out to the McKinney Dental team. Call our office in Madison, WI at (608) 249-6511 with questions and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dan.