We keep patients of all ages in the game with custom-fit sports mouthguards

Advancements in dental materials and our understanding of oral and related conditions have led to an entirely new category of preventive services available at the dentist’s office: oral appliance therapy. McKinney Dental is pleased to offer so many different types of appliances to our patients in and around Madison, Wisconsin. When worn in the mouth as directed, they can protect the teeth (and associated structures and tissues) from damage caused by everything from chronic teeth grinding (bruxism) to falls or blows to the face while playing sports.

Athletic or sports mouthguards

The mouthguards designed and customized by Dr. Dan McKinney are appropriate for your aspiring Badger student-athlete or for the older amateur or weekend sports enthusiast alike. Basically, any time there is a chance that the teeth, gums, lips, and other parts of the mouth, jaws, face, and head may be injured by blows from balls, sporting equipment — even other teammates — mouth guards present a smart preventive measure. They are an effective, non-obtrusive, conservative, and economical alternative to potentially traumatic injuries and expensive, invasive, and time-consuming restorative dental care. 

Keeping patients in the game

Yes, you can opt for a “universal-fit” or boil-and-bite appliance. At best, these guards fit imprecisely. When they are not designed to your mouth’s specifications, they do not feel comfortable. They may even interfere with the athlete’s ability to breathe properly, which certainly does not do their endurance and performance any favors. Moreover, these off-the-shelf and one-size-fits-all options do not adequately provide coverage and protect the mouth and face from injury.

Professionally-designed mouth guards are custom-fitted to the contours and specifications of your mouth. We take an impression of the mouth, which is used as a model to make of your one-of-a-kind mouthguard. When you slip our appliances in and over your teeth, they fit as they should – snug but comfortable. They won’t slip or fall out, nor will they be irritating, uncomfortable, and otherwise interfere with the ability to perform at your best. Our sports guards are also:

  • Made from high-performance materials
  • Built to last whatever athletes put them through, be it on the field, court, diamond, rink, or pitch
  • Discreet
  • Unobtrusive and do not affect speech (wearers can communicate clearly when they’re in)
  • Compact, easy to store, and transport
  • Shock-absorbing, among other qualities, may help to reduce the risk of severe effects from concussions.
  • A breeze to clean

During regular check-ups, Dr. McKinney will make sure your sports guard is in top condition. Call (608) 249-6511 to schedule your consultation at our office in Madison, WI, today. If you suspect that chipped teeth, chronic jaw pain, and other concerns are caused by bruxism or TMJ Dysfunction, you may be a candidate for other types of oral appliances – such as night guards or bite splints.