Restoring the health, beauty, and function of your teeth for smiles that shine

McKinney Dental would much rather prevent than treat problems. Led by Dr. Dan McKinney, our team understands that many oral health problems can be avoided with routine professional care and guidance at our office in Madison, Wisconsin. When damage occurs or is unavoidable, we also offer an array of restorative dentistry services to get you back to looking, feeling, and “being” your healthy best.

Restoring healthy smiles

Preventative dentistry with services like professional cleanings stops or curbs problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Cosmetic dentistry is largely concerned with making over the appearance of the smile with options like professional teeth whitening. Restorative dentistry, however, is about restoring damaged teeth back to health. Our dental restorations are as durable and strong as they are natural in appearance. Options to restore a broken, decayed, infected, or otherwise damaged tooth include:

  • Cosmetic fillings, inlays, and onlays to repair cavities
  • Cosmetic crowns to treat more extensive damage, and to otherwise strengthen a weakened tooth
  • Root canal therapy to preserve a tooth that has sustained deep decay or trauma

For teeth that cannot be saved with root canal treatment or through other means, Dr. Dan will generally recommend prompt tooth replacement. At McKinney Dental, we are pleased to offer highly cosmetic dental bridges to replace a single tooth or some teeth. For patients with more gaps in their smiles, we can discuss “partials” or full (complete) dentures. We even provide implant services.

A word on implant options

Dental implants are small, cylindrical posts that are placed in the jawbone. Made from biocompatible materials like titanium, implants are designed to join with the surrounding bone in the jaw. Once this happens, they can be attached to prosthetic teeth, and can then function as tooth roots. Implants stabilize the crown, bridge, or denture that is connected to them in the jaw.

Existing dentures-wearers may benefit from a hybrid or retrofitted denture. By adding implants to their dentures, our patients enjoy improved comfort, chewing efficiency, and better speech. Problems with loose, ill-fitting dentures are no more. Plus, since implants become a part of the bone, they keep this supportive hard tissue strong. So, our valued patients avoid the destructive consequences of bone loss.

As few as four implants may be placed to support an upper or lower denture. By placing a minimal number of implants to retain a maximum number of prosthetic teeth, McKinney Dental keeps costs, chairside time, and trauma at the treatment site to a minimum. Additionally, we use the latest digital technologies to aid in creating treatment plans that result in the best outcomes for individuals in and around Madison, WI. Call (608) 249-6511 to find out more.