We make stains disappear and “makeover” the color of your teeth with professional whitening services.

At McKinney Dental, we take great pride in partnering with individuals of all ages in Madison and across greater south-central Wisconsin. Due to this relational approach, we can keep your teeth healthy and looking great. Six-month check-ups are fundamental to removing surface stains, harmful bacteria, and stubborn plaque build-up. For patients with very yellow stains or other forms of discoloration, professional teeth whitening planned and administered by our dentist, Dr. Dan McKinney, is hard to beat! 

The professional teeth whitening difference 

OTC toothpaste, kits, and other products are generally not as powerful as those whitening services available at the dental office. These products either do not contain active, proven ingredients like peroxide, or the peroxide-based gel is not sufficiently concentrated to whiten stained or discolored teeth effectively. Furthermore, options at the store or online may be abrasive and actually cause damage to the protective enamel covering the teeth. Since these options are not customized to your mouth and other personal characteristics and needs, there is the risk of tooth sensitivity, uneven whitening, and damage to the oral tissues outside of the treatment site. 

Dr. McKinney minimizes these risks with a customized treatment that considers your one-of-a-kind mouth, personal preferences, and goals. Plus, he uses powerful products that are scientifically proven to be safe and to effectively break down stains and lighten teeth by several shades. His product of choice is the Opalescence™ system by Ultradent, a leader in professional dental technologies. 

What to expect 

As with all treatments, Dr. McKinney will examine your mouth first to determine if the source of stains is caused by a health issue that requires restorative treatment; for instance, dark or pitted areas may actually be cavities that need dental restorations like fillings rather than an elective cosmetic procedure like professional teeth whitening. We can also discuss ways to achieve whiter teeth if you have existing restorations. Dental work like fillings and crowns are not responsive to even the most powerful whitening gels. 

Dazzling results from professional treatment can last for several years. We work with you to ensure your teeth remain stain-free and healthy. Start the process today. Call (608) 249-6511 to schedule your consultation with Dr. McKinney at our North Side Madison, WI office.