Total dental care for the whole family across the generations

McKinney Dental appreciates that you have many dentists to choose from in Madison. However, you would be hard-pressed to find a practice with more passion, expertise, and experience with dentistry for the whole family. Our practice itself is a family affair, started by Dr. Clayton McKinney in 1961.

Today, Dr. Dan McKinney represents the second generation of family ownership. He and our team consider it an honor to have earned the trust of so many families from across our slice of South Central Wisconsin. From the most experienced senior dental patients, down to infants and toddlers (and everyone in between), we care for all of the oral health needs of generations of families. We have also acquired considerable expertise and practice partnering with patients who have special needs. We are more than equipped to provide the most comfortable, pleasant, and safe visit, regardless of each family member’s unique needs and new challenges.

A healthy, happy smile at any age

All patients should visit us for semi-annual dental check-ups. If you have or eventually develop risk factors for conditions like oral cancer or gum disease, Dr. Dan will want to see you more often than once every six months. Such regular recare is the best way to keep you healthy, feeling great, and looking your best.

During check-ups, he evaluates the condition of your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth. Dr. Dan can catch problems early into the disease process, before they produce symptoms or when the signs are so subtle that they are easy to ignore or overlook. Advanced diagnostics, such as precision digital X-rays, also help to catch early-stage problems before they progress and cause damage that leads to the loss of a tooth and the need for potentially aggressive and costly restorative dentistry procedures.

No routine visit would be complete without our professional dental hygienists cleaning your teeth and gum line. Our hygienists have the special training and tools to gently, safely, and thoroughly remove surface stains, bacteria, and plaque. They can even remove plaque build-up; such tartar is stubborn and cannot be removed with standard OTC products (like your toothbrush). These cleanings support great-looking teeth, a healthy mouth, and fresh-smelling breath!

It’s all about relationships.

These visits are also a great time to catch up on changes to your health and life that could affect the function and appearance of your smile. For instance, certain medical conditions that may develop over time (such as diabetes) can increase your risk of developing oral conditions. Diabetes and other systemic disease may also make existing problems, like gum disease, worse. By staying informed of these and other changes, we can get ahead of them. We address interventions to prevent or halt complications of such comorbidities.

As you, your children or parents age, additional restorative or cosmetic dentistry services may be recommended or desirable. As your destination for total family dental care and comprehensive dentistry, everything from professional whitening to remove stains, to dental implants to replace missing or failing teeth, may be on the horizon.

Let’s start with a conversation.

Call (608) 249-6511 to schedule a visit with Dr. Dan at McKinney Dental. Our “dental family” in Madison, WI, looks forward to meeting you and your family!